Transparency Page

Origin of Articles:

At Jornalweb, we are committed to delivering accurate and reliable news to our readers. We follow a strict editorial process to ensure that our articles are based on credible sources and factual information. Our content is produced by a team of experienced journalists and writers who adhere to high standards of journalism.

Source of Images:

The images used on Jornalweb are sourced from various places to enhance our news stories and provide visual context to our readers. The sources of images include:

  1. In-house Photography: Our photographers capture original images to accompany specific news articles when necessary.
  2. Licensed Stock Photos: We obtain licenses for stock photos from reputable platforms to complement our content.
  3. Creative Commons: We use images available under Creative Commons licenses, giving proper attribution to the photographers when required.
  4. Third-party Agencies: On occasion, we may collaborate with third-party media agencies that provide relevant images to support our reporting.

We always strive to credit the photographers or sources appropriately and follow all copyright laws and regulations.

Comments and Participation of Readers:

At Jornalweb, we value the opinions and insights of our readers. We encourage a healthy and respectful discussion on our articles through the comments section. However, to maintain a safe and constructive environment, we have certain guidelines for commenting:

  1. Respectful Discourse: We expect our readers to engage in civil and respectful discussions. Hate speech, harassment, or personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  2. Relevance: Comments should be relevant to the article’s topic and contribute to the conversation.
  3. Moderation: Our team moderates comments to ensure compliance with our guidelines. Inappropriate comments may be removed.
  4. Anonymous Comments: While we allow anonymous commenting, we encourage users to provide a valid email address for communication purposes (not displayed publicly).

Affiliates and Publicity:

[News Website Name] may participate in affiliate marketing programs or display advertisements to support the maintenance and operation of the website. These partnerships and promotions are always clearly disclosed. It’s important to note that our editorial content is independent and not influenced by any affiliate relationships or advertising agreements.

Advertisements on our website are clearly marked as such, differentiating them from editorial content. We strive to ensure that the advertisements displayed are relevant to our audience and align with our editorial standards.

Editorial Independence:

Jornalweb maintains strict editorial independence. Our writers and journalists have full authority and autonomy over their work, and their reporting is not influenced by any advertisers, affiliates, or external entities.

Corrections and Clarifications:

We are committed to accuracy in our reporting. If we make any factual errors or mistakes in our articles, we will promptly correct them and provide clarifications when necessary. If you notice any inaccuracies, please reach out to us via our contact page.